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Dermal fillers offer a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to enhance and rejuvenate your facial features. They achieve this by adding volume and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. This procedure entails injecting a gel-like substance beneath the skin’s surface. The goal is to restore lost volume, contour your face, and enhance specific features.

Dermal fillers prove effective for various concerns. These include addressing marionette lines, nasolabial folds, enhancing lips, reducing under-eye circles, and dealing with sagging skin. Additionally, they have the potential to minimize the appearance of scars, define cheekbones, and even improve the look of hands.

When you consult with NP Teague, she will conduct an assessment to understand your unique needs and facial structure. This assessment forms the basis of a personalized treatment plan. This plan will involve identifying target areas for treatment and selecting the most appropriate type of dermal filler to achieve the desired outcomes.

Treatment Areas:

  • Lips: Dermal fillers offer the ability to enhance and give fullness to thin lips, while also allowing for the definition of the lip contour and the reduction of the visibility of vertical lines on the lips.

  • Nasolabial folds: Dermal fillers have the capability to smooth and fill deep lines that extend from the nose to the mouth, resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful look.

  • Cheeks: Dermal fillers can add volume to the cheeks to enhance their contour and restore a youthful appearance.

  • Marionette Lines: By providing volume and aiding in the gentle repositioning of the corners of the mouth, dermal fillers assist in uplifting the lower lip and crafting an upwardly curved mouth corner.
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The Process

Throughout your filler journey, we’ve organized three distinct phases to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience:

Consultation Phase:
Before the procedure, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance aimed at avoiding blood-thinning substances such as aspirin, Advil and alcohol for a span of 10 days. These instructions will be further discussed during the consultation session. This consultation will also cover topics such as your specific goals, expected outcomes, medical history, and any questions you may have about the process.

Treatment Stage:
The entire procedure is designed to be efficient, taking just 90 minutes to complete. This duration includes time for numbing the treatment area, which minimizes potential discomfort during the procedure. Any discomfort experienced will likely be mild. Rest assured, our approach is personalized to your needs, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

Support & Recovery Phase:
After the treatment, it’s important to allow your face some time to recover, ideally for at least a day. During this recovery period, it’s recommended to avoid using skincare products, engaging in massaging, or applying makeup to the treated area. We are fully committed to equipping you with all the essential information and the necessary support to ensure your experience is successful and satisfactory.

By structuring your filler experience into these well-defined phases, we aim to provide you with a cohesive and streamlined journey towards achieving your desired results


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price range for dermal fillers in Houston?

The cost of dermal fillers in Houston fluctuates depending on factors such as the specific type of filler chosen, the treatment area, and the intended outcome. Typically, the range for dermal filler expenses in Houston spans from $600 to $1,200 per syringe, offering a general overview of the pricing landscape.

What is the lifespan of dermal fillers?

The longevity of dermal fillers is influenced by factors such as the specific filler type and the treated region, generally falling within the range of six to 12 months. Certain fillers, however, can extend their effects for up to two years.

Are dermal fillers considered safe?

In the capable hands of a licensed nurse practitioner at our Houston facility, dermal fillers are typically deemed safe. Nevertheless, akin to any medical intervention, there exist potential risks and side effects, including swelling, bruising, and the risk of infection. It’s crucial to have a comprehensive conversation about your medical background and apprehensions with your healthcare professional prior to proceeding with the procedure.

When is the right time to consider dermal fillers?

The commencement of dermal filler treatments is not bound by a specific age. Typically employed to counteract signs of aging like wrinkles and volume depletion, these treatments are subjective. Some individuals might perceive such signs in their late 20s or early 30s, while others might encounter them in their 40s or beyond. The timing depends on individual experiences and preferences.